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No Collection  No Charge

Our services are based on a contingent basis. You pay nothing until you get paid. 

Licensed, bonded & meet all requirements for all 50 states. We protect your money. 

15 Day Remit Policy

We remit your money within 15 days of collecting it. Don't wait for your money. 

24/7 access to see the activity on your accounts. We have nothing to hide. 

Contract Resolve Group recognizes that the collection industry as a whole exudes negativity and that in many instances client trust has been broken. We therefore, warrant to our clients that all collection activities performed by Contract Resolve Group or any employee on its behalf will abide by the following:


  1. Will be professional
  2. Will not impose any hidden fees (No collection - No Charge
  3. Will guarantee client remittance within 15 days of the collection date
  4. Will conform to and comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Including, but not limited to, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) of 1977, The Debt Collection Act of 1982, and The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970
  5. Will not result in debtor harassment, intimidation, false or misleading representations, or in unnecessary communications concerning the existence of debt information to any person other than the client, the debtor or the debtor’s attorney.
  6. Will never settle or accept a settlement without our client’s approval.

We support and assist staffing agencies get paid from hiring employers after successfully placing perm and temp employees. We can assist with collecting all types of fee structures. 




Industries We Serve: 

Our knowledge in the equipment rental industry is extensive. We specialize in retrieving past rental fees, damage fees, fuel fees, and more. It starts with knowing what's in your contract. 



The restaurant industry is one of the most unstable. This is why the countries largest distributor entrust us with their third-party collections. 

We Help Fortune 500 Companies & Small Businesses

We specialize in navigating through the medical supply industry. We help suppliers get paid from medical facilities and hospitals. Our job is to get the invoice to $0.



... and other industries like; wholesale nursery, construction, media and advertisement, commercial leasing and more. 

Who We Are

Contract Resolve Group is a premier commercial collection agency focused solely on improving the financial performance of our clients through accounts receivable collection services. As one of the nation’s premier commercial collection agencies, our goal is to achieve the best possible collection returns for our clients while treating debtors with respect and understanding. We have built our reputation as a trusted commercial collection agency with over 75 years of experience collecting for companies both large and small by attaining fast consistent results. We offer our clients a powerful tools including state of the art software, infield collectors, legal resourcing, and world class collection professionals.

"We have built our reputation as a trusted commercial collection source"


Contract Resolve Group is very effective in collecting our most complex files. They’re very knowledgeable to our industry making them fully capable of handling all situations that may arise while contacting past due accounts, saving me a lot of time. Our remit is done promptly and not held any longer than it takes for the funds to clear, which is rare in the collection agency industry. I truly value the relationship built with CRG. I highly recommend Contract Resolve Group to anyone in search of collection assistance.

Andrew Stinson, Entrepreneur


Don't take our word for it... 

– Corporate Collection Representative, National Heavy Equipment Rental Corporation

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